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Application of rotary vane vacuum pump in central negative pressure suction system

2020-07-07 13:15:08

Does stomatology need to install a central negative pressure suction system? In fact, the installation of central negative pressure suction system in the domestic stomatology department is already the standard in terms of hardware. In order to ensure the doctor's aseptic operation, reduce cross infection keep indoor air fresh. However, due to the addition of rotary vane vacuum pump, the oral central negative pressure suction system can work normally. The following is the application knowledge of rotary vane vacuum pump in central negative pressure suction system obtained by vacuum technicians based on their own experience. By the way, I'd like to give you an analysis of what happens when you use traditional dental devices.

Many oral medical devices only need to spray water vapor, but also their drill needle collar must rotate at high speed vibrate at high frequency, which will produce a large amount of splash, resulting in the formation of bacterial aerosol dust in the air. The splashed solid particles include dental calculus, old fillings, teeth restoration fragments, pulp tissue, etc. Droplets include blood, pus, saliva contaminated water mist. These splashes can enter the body of medical staff patients through the nose, mouth eyes, affecting their health.

The central negative pressure suction system adopts vacuum pump, selects vacuum technology, has its own large-scale factory production, has its own design team, has been focusing on vacuum for many years. If you have any intention, please contact. Rotary vane vacuum pump has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, sugar other industries, is often used as a centralized oxygen supply negative pressure suction vacuum power equipment in large medium-sized hospitals.

Advantages of rotary vane vacuum pump compared with similar domestic products:

1. Easy to use, easy to install maintain;

2. The rotary vane vacuum pump is equipped with air ballast valve, which can remove a small amount of water vapor.

3. The limit vacuum of rotary vane vacuum pump is high;

4. Built in forced oil inlet, fully lubricated reliable performance;

5. Equipped with automatic anti oil return double safety device;

6. When the inlet pressure is kept at 1.3310 PA, it can still operate continuously;

7. No oil leakage, no oil injection no pollution to the working environment.

The application of single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump manufacturers in the negative pressure suction system of Stomatology center can only meet the use requirements, but also save the purchase cost maintain conveniently. It provides more choices for the negative pressure suction system equipment of various large medium-sized oral drugs. The most important significance is that it only improves the work efficiency medical quality of doctors, improves the diagnosis treatment experience of patients, but also improves the working environment of stomatology department, effectively reduces the risk of cross infection between doctors patients, makes up for many deficiencies of strong suction weak suction of dental chair.



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